Movie Review: Quickie or Quick Trip

30 08 2008

At first I didn’t want to write this review but when I think of the other people who might watch this film… I felt obligated to give my review about this film.


I was one of the fortunate few who are able to watch the directors cut of Quickie or now Quick Trip. The call time was 7:30pm but due to technical difficulties, the film was played at almost 9:30pm. My friends and I at first felt the urge to just go away but we decided to stay since the director is very apologetic of how the things worked out with the premier. As what I know, a premier night should be nights where you flaunt your assets… all I got are just sweat and disappointment. It is bad enough that it started late… what made it made worst is when the organizers refuse to allow the movie goes to enter inside the theater. They can just simply collect the tickets then allow us inside. Our outfits are loosing its glamour you know… Any who… this most probably why many just refunded the tickets… not because it was shown late just to correct some articles.


Going back to the main point of posting this article, Quickie is not for me a good film … why… simply because the plot was so silly. A poor gay waiter falls in love with a gay call center agent then get this… the poor waiter is the one who treats this gay call center agent with their dates etc. This film is poorly researched because didn’t they know that call center agents earn enormously? I just simply can’t comprehend why injecting a poor gay waiter desperately seeking this call center agents love by buying him off. The story got interesting when Andro Morgan came along seeking for quickies… “kasi trip lang”. Things got out of hand and ended up being with the call center agent again.


For me the movie might be better if the call center agent should be the main character and be in the situation of unbearable hardship with the family, finances and love life. The call center agent should be the one seeking for quickie and not the waiter. A good film should have a good story or everything will collapse.


For the technical parts, the usual Cris Pablo text inserts are present again which for me is totally unnecessary. This spoils the moment and kinda annoying. There are a lot of scenes that are too long like the text conversations and the endless research of finding the place to do “it”.


The performances of the actors are very amateurish though I have to give credit the following characters… the call center agent, the mother of the Toffer. I think they alone stand out among the others.


Overall, the film is just like a school project rather than an Indie film. I have nothing against the maker of this film in fact I like Pantasya. I just simply don’t like this film.


Well I don’t know if the sex scenes of Toffer Baretto and Andro Morgan will be shown in the regular cinema but I guess that scene alone paid off maybe the frustrations I had with this film. Well I’m sure the ending part of that sex scene will be deleted… trust me it will be deleted for obvious reasons… really obvious reasons.


I guess my ending notes for this film is that if that sex scene is deleted… it is totally not worth seeing it in the big screen. That’s all.


I gave this film 1 out of 5 Jupiter Star power for simply hitting the right theme to a particular target audience. 


(‘o’) – jupiterboi out…



2 responses

6 12 2008

i agree with your comments totally. By the way, Pantasya was directed by Brillante Mendoza, if my memory serves me right.

12 07 2009

Korak! deleted nga ang sex scene! Leche walang kwenta!

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