My Top Ten Philippine shockers of 2009 (The special year ender extravaganza of jupiterboi)

1 01 2010
1.  AH1N1 Virus explosion – When everyone though Philippines would be spared from this deadly virus, well think again. In the hype of school openings, the said virus exploded and affecting classes in major schools in the metro. Everyone is so paranoid that people wear masks and regularly take swine flue tests. True there were casualties but tolerable compared to other countries.
2.  Sexual scandals to the max – There are two sexual scandals I want to emphasize. First is the decision about the guilty verdict for the Nicole rape case with Daniel Smith. Nicole is so determine at first to continue the fight. However after the decision made that Daniel Smith was guilty, Nicole said that she is not truly certain of what happened that she might also gave Daniel Smith motives making the repeal favorable to the US camp Daniel Smith. Nicole is hopefully happy in America because she was given home, a green card and doesn’t want to remember this part of her life. Well in my personal opinion, I don’t care about you as well because you shamed the Filipino women due of your retraction. Because of you the Filipino women can easily be abused and be silenced in exchange for greener pasture. I hope you really stay there and enjoy whatever you want. Second is the ever controversial Hyden Kho video scadals. 11 video scandals were easily available pertain to the sexual adventure of Mr Hyden Kho with other women including Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes. This brought rage to his victims and now has cases about “abuse against women and cildren” and recently was revoked of his medical license. I don’t know how to react to this but it is truly wrong to video your lovemaking without the knowledge of both parties. Tuloy sumikat ang Careless Whispher kasi you are not careless and si Katrina halatang hindi nag Whispher pad.  (joke lang) Lesson learn… magpaalam muna bago kumuha at pagkatiwalaan lamang ang sarili sa panonood ng sex videos mo.
3. Pacman Mania – Manny “Pacman” Paquiao! Who would not know his name by now. He is now the undisputed pound for pound king and the first ever to have 7 World titles in different divisions the world of boxing. He was recently awarded as Order of Sikatuna with Rank of Datu, the highest honor to be given to an individual in the Philippines,  by PGMA. Due to his fights with Hatton and Marquez this year, he secured himself as one of the greats in boxing. His fight with Mayweather next year is the most awaited fight for boxing aficionados. For Filipinos, the world stops whenever Manny has a fight. I hope we learn to also strive for what is best and fight for a better Philippines.
4. Cory Magic seen again – With the death of President Cory, the Filipino patriotism shines forth. Cory has been the new age symbol of Philippine Freedom due to the 1986 EDSA Revolution. Her reign is said to be the most uncorrupt president and the first ever woman president in world. Even after her presidency, she continued to fight for freedom and corruption shown in her crusades and marathon for such causes. In her humble ways, she united Filipinos around the world to be proud of our race for we are a great nation. Her untimely death brought up multitudes of dwellers and sympathizers across the world and making the whole wake a picturesque scene comparable with Ninoy’s wake. Tita Cory inspired me to love my country and my heritage. Thank you Tita Cory for you gift to us. We surely miss your motherly love.
5. Kuya F CNN hero of the year – Actually, I already heard Efren Penaflorida about June 2009 and I am already amazed of what he is doing. He is the founder of the DTC or Dynamic Team Company where they use “karitons” to provide basic education for the poor children along the Cavite area. His presence is not yet felt until the news came out that he is part of the CNN 10 ten heroes of the year and now more so as the CNN Hero of the Year. I immediately search where his kick off party. Luckily I was able to attend that event and was able to meet him and talk for a while. He is humble and you can see he has genuine concern for the marginalized. I was fortunate to meet him and I truly can say he really deserves it.
6. Massacre like no other – Towards the end of the year, who would forget the inhumane massacre in Maguindanao killing 57 people in which almost 30 media persons are involve. This masssacre now is the highest recorded violence against media personalities making our country the “most dangerous place for media practitioners”. Of course the case is still on trial but the suspected masterminds, the Ampatuans, were already judged by the many to be one of the most hated persons 2009. Their lavish lifestyle and armed private armies were point of debate why such rulers are existing over the ARRM region. I think this case would still continue but I am hpong that justice should be speedily given to the victims of this tragic event.
7. Kasal, kasali, kalokang weddings – There are two weddings I can clearly remember: Juday Ryan wedding and KoriMar wedding. Yun lang
8. Shining through the Cannes Film Festival – Who would have though that a Filipino Filmaker would win the best director in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Everyone is betting on Quintin Tarantino’s World War 2 vigilante in the mission of killing the Nazi to win the award but the jury favors the raw depiction of a brutal murder of a swindling prostitute in the world of drug trafficking and illegal gambling. Although many raised their eyebrows for Brillante Mendoza’s vitory, after seeing the film, I was a believer.
9. YouTube stars invade the world – Indeed YouTube is now the underground talent search for deserving people. Their videos are so popular that the makers of YouTube are planning to create a channel solely dedicated to show the most popular videos in the WWW. Some of the pinoys who are the famous now are Charice, Arnel Pineda, Pooh, Rin on the Rox, hitmanbreakeroftheye, moymoypalaboy, k brosas and others. YouTube now truly makes ordinary events, persons and places world famous.
10. The Ondoy and Pepeng catastrophe – Lastly who would forget the combined forces of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. Ondoy is not a actually a strong typhoon. Typhoons here in the Philippines are measured on how strong the wind velocity is carries that is why Ondoy is just bordering between just tropical depressions to Signal no. 1. Never do we know that its out pouring of rain water goes beyond the water that Typhoon Katrina in the US. The result… floods everywhere at a fast rate affecting the low lands of Marikina, Rizal, Pasig, Laguna and some parts of Manila, Quezon City, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong and Bulacan. All vehicles are stranded and even washed away due to the unexpected rise of water, even I was a victim. Pepeng is the result of Ondoy destructive path. It has phenomenally garnered the most over staying typhoon victimizing the Northern part of Luzon. The combined after effects of Ondoy and Pepeng caused billions of lives, properties and livelihood in a hopeless situation. While the Luzon area is devastated with horrible typhoons, the Visayas and Mindanao regions are surprisingly humid. This event made us realize that “Climate Change” is real and we should act now in line with the changing weather conditions. This allowed the “Climate Change Act” passed by both the congress and senate and now is a Law creating an independent committee that will plan solutions that will help us adapt to climate change. In addition, these tragedies awaken the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan. Filipinos here and abroad are continuously helping out to ease the hardship that our fellow kababayan experience due to these typhoons. Ordinary people… helping a fellow countrymen… Images that stacked my mind as I also recall my experiences with Ondoy. 1. The regrets why I didn’t stay in the office 2. the free ride of a bus company going to Fairview which lasted almost 6 hrs along the Cubao Area 3. the Pastilias candy that a couple unselfishly gave to me an some of the commuters in the bus while the too are tormented body an mind knowing their child is with the yaya already on the rooftop in Marikina 4. the painful death march I went through and to add up a 3 point shot in a shallow Kanal in Philcoa. 5. to top all things up… when I arrive… brownout… no phone… no cellphone… no life…
These are my top 10 Philippine shockers of 2009. I hope 2010 would be promising although there is already a prelude that is would be my most challenging year of my career.  Well Ces la vie.