So Pagod and Terrified

10 09 2011












Hay… just got home from a house warming party… it was fun and we were able to make chikas about funny stuffs crazy antics and stuffs… We were able to relax, bake a carrot cake and best of all enjoy the company of each other… too bad these stuff can’t be my normal routine… it’s going to be an expensive day! The usual…  went home late and started work early.

After that I went to the market and buy food for the house. On my way home, I almost got scare since the driver of the jeepney was caught staying too long to get more passenger. The driver talked to the police and got his registration but after that, the driver decided to run over the policeman. This puts us passengers in an awkward situation. (dami ko pa naman dala). Well now I am doing this blog and watching Australia’s Master Chef 2.

I’ll cook later on my specialty… scramble eggs… (pasensya na)

Thats all for now!




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