jupiterboi adventures

Hi Welcome to JupiterWorld. I am Jupiterboi. Your celestial guide in living a wonderful life.

When I created this blog, I don’t really know what to do with it. I just maybe created this blog for the heck of joining the bloggers “bandwagon” and my previous blog is blocked. This is why I never even posted one. Now that blogging is a “in” thing again. I decided to update this blog and share to the people what I have been doing in my own crazy world.

You might ask, “Why Jupiter World?”. For those who know me… it’s pretty much obvious… but more than my physical aspects… I want this blog to open up larger than life stories that will inspire you guys to live life to the fullest.

In my world expect regular updates of:

The latest movie reviews with my Jupiter star power ratings

The latest buzz in film and music scenes here and abroad from my star buzzer sources

Where to buy the cheapest things

Professional advises to improve business processes for SMEs

Self help stories that will inspire the hardest rock

And most of all… my day to day experiences… hehehe

I have revisited my 4thyear high school annual. I almost forgot that there is a young boy in that batch saying about his motto in life. According to him “The greatest thing a human being can give to the world is his gold crafted heart”. Guess what… it’s me pala. I never realized that person already grew and yet he still never fails to share the fullness of his heart to everyone he met. May this be an opening saga of touching more lives and perhaps living in a parallel world I call Jupiter.

note: pardon me with all gramatical errors in my posts… I’m not a good writer. hehehe… C yah!

For any comments, suggestions or request… email at sk8erboi_020979@yahoo.com

I’ll be waiting…

(‘o’) – jupiterboi out…


3 responses

9 07 2008

“The greatest thing a human being can give to the world is his gold crafted heart”. Guess what… it’s me pala.


you know…dalin mo dito sa cyberspace ang kalukringan mo and you will definitely hit it big time

i wish you a booming career in blogging, movie and film industry!!! go go go japox!!!

12 07 2008

Thanks Malen… padadamihin po muna mga post ko… ikaw nga ang booming and bloging ano… ako’y karampot na no body lang… hehehe… thanks for dropping by…

2 08 2008

hi, may freebies ba dito? joke heheeh

just bloghopping lang

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