Another great loss – RIP Mr. Johnny Delgado

23 11 2009

Just when I though the deaths of famous artists are gone, here is another news. Johnny Delgado passed away due to lymphoma. I like his movies notably Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan , Kakabakaba Ka Ba, Batch ’81, Balweg, A Dangerous Life, Tanging Yaman, Kailangan Kita, Santa Santita, Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo and Labing-labing. My last encounter with the Johnny Delgado was in the screening of Labing Labing in this year’s CinemaLaya 2009. This is the photo I took with Johnny Delgado, Laurice Guillen, Anna Feleo and Ina Feleo:

In Labing Labing there is a song that now makes me want to cry. It is the song of Johnny Delgado “Ikaw at ako”. It is a song of strength, love and hope. Amidst the very hardships we endure, there is an assurance that there is someone always with us and will be with us this the end of our lives. Here is the music video of the song:

I hope that this song would remind us of the shortness of life and the value of making most out of this time.


Gone too soon: Francis M.

6 03 2009


I arrived late this night and watched SNN. The first thing in the news is the passing of Mr. Francis Durango Magalona aka Kiko or FrancisM. For eight months this man fought Leukemia is such hope and courage. I personally admire this guy for being a true role model of free speech. His music brings hope to aspiring artists to find this own mark in the industry. Kiko revolutionized RAP when we knew only the Americans do it. I’m not actually a fan but there are only 2 Francis M songs I like. These are “Cold Summer Nights” and “Kaleidoscope World”. The first I heard these songs; I was blown away because I though is a foreign artist who sand this.  Yun pala si Kiko pala. Grabe Talaga… Sobrang Astig for me ang “Kaleidoscope World”. It is actually one of my theme songs. Whenever I hear this song, it always transforms my outlook in life. The song simply tells us that all of us are unique but it is not the reason why all of us shouldn’t co-exists. Respecting each others’ differences is the only way to be able to see the colorful lives of the people who are living in this kaleidoscope world…. Such an ingenious play of words and music makes this song one of my national anthems.

Thanks for being born a Filipino, a Bosconian and most of all a True Icon of this generation. I know Jesus is with you right now. I always believe that the first Friday and first Saturday of the month are blessed days because the gates of heaven are open for all those who believe in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. My prayers tonight are dedicated to your eternal peace of those people you have touched. You will be dearly missed.

Grant him Oh Lord Eternal Life and let Perpetual Light shine upon you. May you rest in peace. Francis M.

As a tribute, I bring you “Kaleidoscope World” by Francis M.



Read his multiply blog:

Tragic Loss of a Dreamgirl Diva

25 10 2008

Jennifer Hudson, Darnell Hudson

Just when you know that everything is working fine… the world is literally shocked of the news that Jennifer Hudson’s mom and brother apparently shot to death. Here are some clips of the incident from E online:

Hours after Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother Jason Hudson were found shot to death in Donerson’s Chicago home and a 7-year-old boy went missing, a next-door neighbor tells E! News that she heard gunshots Friday morning and believes that the killings are related to an ongoing domestic dispute.

Angela Russell, who lives next door to Donerson on Yale Avenue in the South Side neighborhood of Englewood, says that she thinks that Hudson’s sister Julia was having domestic troubles with her husband, whom she had talked about divorcing.

Russell also says that Donerson’s son stays with her, “and that is the other person that they found.”

Hudson’s older brother Jason has been identified in some reports as the male victim, but neither the police nor the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed the victims’ identifies.

“It has been pretty rough for a while,” says Russell. “We do know that Ms. Hudson’s oldest daughter was having trouble with her husband. We do know that there were some domestic issues going on and we believe that is what this all about. “

Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the deaths appeared to be the result of domestic abuse, but she declined to elaborate.

Russell says that Donerson, who she referred to as Ms. Hudson, babysat everyday for Julia’s son Julian King, who has been reported missing.

“She babysat for him everyday when her daughter was at work,” says Russell. “[Julia] was here daily.”

Russell says that Donerson never expressed any interest in leaving the neighborhood. And contrary to crime statistics, Russell says the community is relatively safe. In fact, Hudson lived with her mother in this house up until recently, she says.

“She has lived her for about 15 years,” Russell tells E! “She has a big house and knows everyone in the neighborhood and nothing like this has ever happened on this block. We have gotten pretty comfortable here. Considering the neighborhood, this is a pretty decent block.”

While Hudson moved out, her mom decided to stay in the area she called home.

“Jennifer moved out, but her mom chose to stay here,” Russell says. “Jennifer would always come and visit when she was in town. She wasn’t a stranger to us. “

Russell says that Donerson was a very nice person who was well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood.

“Even though her daughter was a superstar she never let it get to her,” she says. “She was still very friendly with everyone in the neighborhood. The neighborhood kids used to visit her often just to help her out around the house.  A lot of the kids used to go over there just to play with Jennifer, Julia and Jason—that is something that they still do on a regular basis. It wasn’t unusual for the kids to go over and play with the baby everyday.”

Russell says her nieces and nephews saw Donerson recently and she seemed fine, but she had mentioned that there were personal things going on. 

Russell says that she is now trapped in the house because of the police outside and the neighbors are waiting for Hudson or her sister Julia to tell them about the funeral arrangements.

“We know the Amber Alert is out and the police just held a police conference,” Russell says. “We are still waiting for Jennifer to get here. We know that Julia is still with the police at the station.”

Jupiterboi speaks out: This is a tragic event and I am so saddened by this news. I hate people who resort to violence just to get whatever they want. I hope there will be justice served for your family regarding this tragic loss, my sincerest condolences to Jennifer and her family. I want to leave you with one of your songs in your album. I know you might be down but always be strong coz bigger things will come your way. Our pain only makes us stronger persons in life. You’re a pure talent and truly a invisible woman. I dedicate your song “Invisible” to give you strength to face the challenges these challenges and be a more formidable woman.