So Pagod and Terrified

10 09 2011












Hay… just got home from a house warming party… it was fun and we were able to make chikas about funny stuffs crazy antics and stuffs… We were able to relax, bake a carrot cake and best of all enjoy the company of each other… too bad these stuff can’t be my normal routine… it’s going to be an expensive day! The usual…  went home late and started work early.

After that I went to the market and buy food for the house. On my way home, I almost got scare since the driver of the jeepney was caught staying too long to get more passenger. The driver talked to the police and got his registration but after that, the driver decided to run over the policeman. This puts us passengers in an awkward situation. (dami ko pa naman dala). Well now I am doing this blog and watching Australia’s Master Chef 2.

I’ll cook later on my specialty… scramble eggs… (pasensya na)

Thats all for now!


My Ondoy Experience

27 09 2009

This is not my video btw. This is to show the river near Eastwood where I worked during the time of Ondoy’s wrath.

I am very thankful that I lived to tell you this story. I am one of the unfortunate stranded people in Metro Manila when the typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines.

Many people, at first, treated it as a non-threatening storm. I must admit that I am one of them. My shift is 3am so I came to whorl as usual. It was raining but the wind is not strong. I came at work safe. I have the usual duties until the point when Malen and I take our lunch at Eastwood McDonald’s. There I realized that Ondoy is not the storm I am expected to encounter. We went back to the office wet and unknowing of the danger that Ondoy brought to us. I looked outside of the building and I saw the Marikina River over flowing with flood water and the houses near by are already floating.

My officemates suggested that I stay because it is dangerous. I called my mother at home to ask the situation but no one is answering. I decided to go home amidst the situation. Eastwood Libis was flooded and many call center agents went their way to look for jeepneys or taxis. No jeepneys were going to Cubao so I decided to maybe to go t the opposite direction and ride a jeepney to BagumBayan. I was stuck at the Floodway and saw the unthinkable. Shanties flooding… people struggling as they were swept away by the waters of Marikina River. I wanted to help but I felt I would only do more harm to them and myself. I decided to go back and ride the MGE taxi. I specifically choose this because it is based in Fairview. I wanted to immediately go home but all roads were flooded and vehicles ended up in circles. The taxi decided to let me go in white plains where it is at least no flooded. I gave him P200 pero felling ko inabot na ng P300 yung biyahe ko. Tinanggap naman niya ito kasi P70 nalng ang natitira kong pera. Sabi ko sa sarili ko babalik nalang ako sa office. I prayed that someone will rescue me.

At the intersection of Boni Serrano and Katipunan Ave. a Jell bus labeled SM Fairview showed up. Kahit hindi aircon ok lang. I asked if they on their way to Fairview. The conductor said yes. I went inside and all passengers inside felt a common feeling. Fear. Fear of losing their love ones. Fear of losing their things. The bus ended up circling Aurora avenue, EDSA, and finally held in traffic in QC hall. IT was the longest 5 hrs of my life as I hear people calling their love ones. Some are happy because their safe in their home but most of them like the couple I have encounters are scared to death since their daughter and yaya are in their home in Fairlane in Marikina. I was 6:30PM and I and still in QC hall stuck in a bus. One of the passengers opened her TV cell phone to know the situation. ABC CBN got the footage and reported the situation in Philcoa. I didn’t expect that Philcoa and Tandang Sora were flooded. People staring to worry and everyone is showing genuine concern to all. Nakakatuwa… kahit hindi mag kakakilala… nagbibigay ng candy, nag ooffer ng cellphone para duon sa mga na low-bat. Kahit na yung kapatid ko na hindi naman nag-tetex sa aking… nangagamusta.

I don’t want to end up sleeping in a bus so I decided to walk Commonwealth Avenue. Walking was not bad after all until I accidentally fell on a manhole. Luckily it was shallow that it went only up to my waist. I ended up having a broken left foot. The torment of walking is really unbearable. There are some parts that are flooded but most of them are not however all vehicles from Fairview to Philcoa were filled with trucks and buses. When I reached Tandand Sora I road a jeepney going to Sandigan. I took a special tricycle going to my house at 8:30PM. As expected, my hose has no phone, no electricity.

I texted some of my friends that I am alright. I was able to go home safely. I am not able to go to work for obvious reasons. My team captain understand my situation and hopefully I can go back tomorrow.

As I woke up today and saw the casualties Ondoy brought to Manila, I said a little prayer thanking God for making me alive and asked him to help the others who are still in their rooftops of their home.

I will end this post with a statement. Ondoy’s simple passing brought the worst flood that Manila experienced but also made me realized the best in each Filipinos resilience and love for family.

To my lola, mommy, brother, 2 half sisters, my cousins in Cainta, my friends at school and work… I love you all and hope you are in better situation.


New Indie Film Alerts

16 01 2009

As we start the new year, I know you are hungry of new Indie films to be shown this month or up coming months. Let me give you f some of the films to watch out:

Aurora: taken from (

Aurora stars Sid Lucero, Kristofer King, Angeli Bayani and Rosanna Roces. The film explores an intimate portrait of a captor and a captive as they both struggle to survive in the depths of a jungle.
A social worker named Aurora (Rosanna Roces) is kidnapped by members of the Lost Command. After a military raid in the middle of the night, she gets lost in the forest. She walks aimlessly in the thick forest, hoping to find her way out to freedom. She is found by Fadi (Sid Lucero), one of her captors. Aurora tries every way in order to run away. Will she see the break of dawn alive?

Jupiterboi says:
The main reason I will recommend this to you guys because the film was directed by Adolf Alix Jr. I have seen his works and one notable factor is his amazing cinematography considering his films are “indie” films. He likes to tackle sensitive areas to broaden our views but never imposes nor preaches a certain principle in his films. He just simply lay down the realism of the situation and we the audience has a choice always to agree or disagree. This film will be a brave exploration in the world of victims of war and difference. I will try my best to attend this one night showing this Jan 19, 2009 at the UP Film Institute, 7:30pm. Take note CCP and the UP film center are the only institution in the whole island of the Philippine archipelago that is not under the jurisdiction of the MTRCB so be ready for the controversial 12 minute rape scene of Rosanna Roces with Sid Lucero and Kristopher King. Here is the trailer of the film:  


Karera stars Laurice Guillen, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo and Joem Bascon with casts like Allan Paule, Menggie Cobarrubias, Soliman Cruz, Kristofer King, Marife Necesito, Arnold Reyes, Edgar Allan Guzman, Mercedes Cabral, Cherry Madrigal, Kenneth Ocampo, Jess Evardone and Moises Magisa

Karera explores the life of the Domingo family, which seems to be a microcosm of the Filipino society racing against time and opportunity as they gamble with their personal choices in a series of complicated moral, spiritual, political and social issues.

The mother, LV (Guillen), runs a bookies (an illegal horse race betting outlet) in their house. Today, the money she is supposed-to- remit is missing. She struggles to look for the missing money and traces who might get hold of it. Ace (Manalo), LV’s eldest, who works as a sota (horse caretaker) is torn between pursuing an illegal arrangement with one of the other trainors to injure the horse he takes care of in exchange for a hefty sum of money that he can use for his placement fee. Daisy (Roces), the matriarch’s daughter, is running away from policemen after an arrangement that she needs to pinpoint all the other illegal karera outlets to spare her family. Bingo (Bascon), their youngest, is impatiently waiting for his girlfriend to have sex with him after a bet with his friends.

What happens is a raw and gritty drama of human survival.

Written by Jerome David Zamora
Directed by Adolfo Borinaga Alix, Jr.

Jupiterboi says:

What more to say but to wait for the announcement of this film. To give you a preview, here is the trailer of the film:

Sagwan: (from

Coming very soon is a film from first-time-full-length-feature film director, Monti Parungao. The film’s title is “Sagwan” and was shot entirely in Quezon. Mr. Parungao also wrote the script of this film. Aside from finishing several TV commercials for Unitel, Monti is also an accomplished television director having done “Extra Challenge” and “Survivor”.

Jupiterboi says:

I shall predict this film… hmm… filled with fleshy bodies from the “Cappuccinos” the new all male sexy group that is replacing the thrown of the Provoq kings… I’m sure this will be a block buster for the bi’s. I say based on the trailer, the film might have a promising block buster potential for the indie goers. Better watch the director’s cut friendships… The premier night will be on Feb 4, 2009, 7:30pm at the UP film Institute. Here is the trailer of the film:

C U @ D Muvies!